Goals or Objects of Seed Technology

Goals or Objects of Seed Technology

Major goal of seed technology is to increase agricultural production through spread of good quality seed of high yielding varieties developed by the plant breeders, well before the planting season at reasonable cost. Following are important objectives of seed technology.

1) Rapid Multiplication:

It is the quickest possible spread of new high yielding varieties and hybrids developed by the plant breeder.

2) Timely Supply:

The improved seed of available well in time, so that the planting schedule is not disturbed and they are able to harvest the good crop.

3) Assured High Quality Seed:

The expected divided in agriculture from use of improved seed is possible with use of good quality seed.

4) Reasonable Price:

The cost of quality seed must be within reach of average farmer. The cost of the seed must be cheap and farmers should able to purchase it.

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