Handlings of Pesticides

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Handlings of Pesticides

Pesticides being toxic to human beings and domestic animals should be handled with at most care. The following precautions should always be observed.
The pesticides should always be stored in their original containers and kept in a locked cupboard where they are out of reach of the children and domestic animals.

1. They should be kept or stored away from food or feed stuffs and medicine.
2. The instruction found on the labels should be carefully read and strictly followed.
3.  Bags and containers of pesticides should be cut open with a separate knife intended for such purposes.
4. The empty containers, after the use of the chemical, should be destroyed and should not be put into some other use.
5. While preparing the spray solutions bare hands should not be used for mixing the chemical with water.
6. Inhaling of pesticide sprays or dusts, and smoking, chewing, eating or drinking while mixing or applying the chemicals should be avoided.
7.  Spilling of pesticides on skin or clothing should as far as possible be avoided. The clothes should be washed after each operation.
8. Particles or drops of pesticides, which may accidentally get into eyes should be flushed out immediately with large volumes of clean water.
9. It is preferable that protective clothing’s and devices are used while handling poisonous chemicals to avoid exposure to sprays or drifts.
10. Dusting or spraying should never be done against the wind and it is preferable to have them done in cool and calm weather.
11. Sprayer nozzles should not be blown by mouth if gets blocked while spraying. Washers and other contaminated parts should be buried.
12 After handling pesticides hands, face and body should be washed and clothing changed.
13. Washing of equipment after use and containers in or hear wells, or streams should be avoided.
14. Person engaged in handling pesticides should undergo regular medical checkup.
15. In case of any suspected poisoning due to insecticides the nearest physician should be called immediately.

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