Harvesting and Yield of Potato

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Harvesting and Yield of Potato


1. In Maharashtra potato crop becomes ready for harvesting in about 3 months after planning as mostly mi – late varieties are grown.
2. The potato must be harvested at right stage of maturity when leaves turn yellow and dry.
3. If there is a demand in market slightly early harvesting may be done.
4. Irrigation is with held before harvesting and harvesting is done when soil becomes dry.
5. Cut the plants at ground level eight days prior to date of harvesting.
6. It is done with the help of kudali or potato digger or by polughing with deshi plough.
7. Care should be taken to dugout the tubers without injury.
8. Collect the exposed tubers and cleaned off by removing soil, roots, stolons etc.
9. The damaged and diseased potatoes are sorted out and discarded.
10. Remaining potatoes graded according to size and stored in shade to avoid sun injury.
11. The diseases free, medium to big size potatoes are selected and stored separately for seed purpose.


1. The yield of potato varies from variety from variety season of planting and care taken during cultivation.
2. Average yield of potato in Maharashtra is about 125 qt/ha.
3. Average yield of potato in India is about 200 to 300 qt /ha. 

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