Harvesting and Yield of Safflower

Harvesting and Yield of Safflower


1. For grain purpose the safflower become mature in about 120 to 125 days.
2. It is harvesting after drying of the leaves and capsules.    
3. Harvesting is carried out by uprooting the plants or by cutting near to the ground early in the morning when there is a dew on the plants.
4. The plants are heaped for a few days for drying.
5. Dried plants are threshed by beating with stick and winnowed to obtain clean seeds.
6. For dye purpose the flower heads are plucked at every 2 days after flowering.


i) Mixed crop    –       125 kg/ha.
ii) Sole crop     –       500 to 800 kg/ha.
iii) Dye purpose-        100 to 150 kg dried petals/ha.

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