Harvesting and Yield of Tomato Cultivation

Harvesting and Yield of Tomato Cultivation


Tomato fruits are picked up from the plants by grasping them by the hand and dislodging them from the vine by twisting keeping the thumb pressed against the vine.

According to the Use of Fruits, they are Harvested in Following Stages:

1) Green Stage:

 About a fortnight before turning (development of a trace of redness at (he styler end of the fruit), the fruits will develop normal colour of the vine though they are still green yet they may be fully developed. These fruits are picked and sent to distant markets.

2) Pink Stage:

At this stage red or pink colour on the fruits varies from a trace at the blossom end to a considerable extent covering the surface. Though at this stage most of the fruits are red, yet they are not fully ripe. They are picked for local markets.

3) Ripe Stage:

 At this stage the surface of most of the fruits is red and the softening of the fruits begins. They may be picked for home or table use.

4) Full Ripe Stage:

At this stage the fruits have approached maximum colour development and may feel soft to the touch. Now the starch is changed into sugar. They are ordinarily used within 24 hours of picking and are consumed or used for canning and pickling.


It varies 160 to 200 quintals per hectare according to season and variety planted Duration of crop ranges from 160 to 180 days.

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