Harvesting and Yield of Turmeric

Harvesting and Yield of Turmeric


1. Turmeric crop become ready for harvesting within 8 to 9 ½ months after planting depending upon the variety.
2. The leaves turn yellow, begin to dry and drop down.
3. The stalks are cut at ground level 15 days prior to date of harvesting.
4. One day before harvesting light irrigation is given for easy digging.
5. The rhizomes are dug out with kudali or digging fork.
6. The exposed rhizomes are collected and cleaned by removing soil, roots etc.
7. The mother and finger rhizomes are separated and stored in shade.
8. Well mature and disease free mother rhizomes are stored separately and used for seed purpose.


1. Av. Yield of raw finger sets           –           15 to 18 tons/ha.
2. Av. Yield of raw mother sets         –           2 to 3 tons/ha.
3. From above quantity of finger sets about 2 to 3 tons dry polished turmeric is obtained.
4. The proportion of cured to raw turmeric is 1 : 5.

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