Harvesting and Yield of Wheat Cultivation

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Harvesting and Yield of Wheat Cultivation


1. Harvesting time of wheat depends upon the variety and type of cultivation i.e. Whether rainfed or irrigated.
2. Rainfed crop reaches the harvest stage much earlier than the irrigated crop.
3. It is harvested when the grains harden and the straw becomes dry.
4. Harvesting is done by cutting crop close to ground level with sickle.
5. The plants are tied in small bundles and kept to dry under sun for few days.
6. Threshing is done by trampling under bullocks feeds or by a stone-roller or by thresher.
7. In recent year harvesting id done by reapers in bigger wheat plots in which operations like harvesting threshing, cleaning and bagging are done at same time.


Av. Yield of wheat in Maharashtra is –

A) For Local Varieties:

1. Rainfed crop                       –           3 to 4 qt/ha.
2. Irrigated crop                      –           10 to 12 qt/ha.

B) For Mexican Varieties:

1. Rainfed crop                       –           15 to 20 qt/ha.
2. Irrigated crop                      –           35 to 40 qt/ha.

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