High Yielding Varieties Programme (H.Y.V.P.) (1964-65)

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High Yielding Varieties Programme (H.Y.V.P.) (1964-65)

It was introduced in 1964-65 with a new dimension of agricultural production created in the community development project.  HYV of Wheat, Paddy and introduced in selected 100 districts but later on it spread in other area also.  The objective of this programme is to adopt HYV for maximum production.

For optimizing the yields of the available high yielding varieties of rice, it has been found necessary to advance their sowing time.  Efforts were directed to educate the farmers to raise rice nurseries in advance of the main kharif season.  A special programme for timely supply of seedlings, by raising community nurseries at tube-well points and on government farms, was undertaken in three command areas in Bihar.  This programme has given encouraging results and is being extended to Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa and West Bengal during 1975 kharif.

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