History of Agriculture as a science

History of Agriculture as a science

  1. In pre scientific agriculture six persons could produce enough food for themselves and for four others. In years of bad harvest they could produce only enough for themselves, with the development of science and application of advanced technology five persons are able to produce enough food for nine others.

  2. Van Helmet (1577-1644Ad): Experiments pertaining to plant nutrition in systematic way and   concluded that the main “Principle” of vegetation is water.

  3. Jethre Tull (1674-1741AD): Conducted several experiments and published a book “Horse Heeing Husbandry”. These experiments mostly on cultural practices and they led to the development of seed drill & horse drawn cultivation.

  4. Aurthur young (1741-1820Ad): Conducted pod culture experiments to increase the yield of   crops by applying several materials like poultry dung, litter, gun power, & publish his work-in 46 volumes at “Annals of agriculture”.

  5. In 1809 soil science begin with the formulation of the theory of hums.

  6. Research in plant nutrition & physiology was started in 18th century.

  7. Sir Humphrey Davy published book “Elements of agri chemistry” in 1813

  8. Sir John Bennet was begun to experiment on the effects of manures of crops.

  9. Justus Libey on agriculture chemistry and physiology launched systematic development of agriculture in 1840.

  10. 1842, Initiated the systematic fertilizers Industry by the patented process of hearting phosphate rock to produce super phosphate.

  11. Gregor Johann Mendel (1866) discovers the law of heredity and the ways to mutations laid to modern plant breeding.

  12. Charles Darwin Published the results of the experiments on cross and self ferlization in plants.

  13. 1920, the application of genetics to develop new strains of plants and animals brought major charges of agriculture.

  14. The first successful tractor was built in U.S in 1882 from implements & machinery was manufactured industrially on a large scale by 1930.

  15. Due to economic pressure and decrease in labor availability, the application of electricity to agriculture was in 1920.

  16. The first successful large scale conquest of a pest a chemical means was the control of grapevine powdery mildew in Europe in 1840.

  17. The key date in history of argil research at education is 1862. When the US congress set up departments of agriculture & provided for colleges for agriculture in each state.

  18. Scientific agriculture began in India when Sugarcane, cotton, & Tobacco were grown for purpose.

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