Importance and Implications of Anther and Pollen Culture

Importance and Implications of Anther and Pollen Culture

1. Haploids derived from anther and pollen culture are useful in cytogenic studies. 

2. Recessive phenotypic characters can be identified easily by comparing heterozygous diploid with haploid or homozygous diploid population.

3. Double haploid that are homozygous and fertile, are readily obtained, enabling the selection of desirable gene combination.

4. Culture of isolated pollen provides a novel experimental system for the study of factor controlling pollen embryogenesis of higher plants.

5. Study of meiotic behaviour of haploids valuable cubes to measure chromosome duplication within a species for understanding of phylogentic relationship between species. It also provides information for the interpretation of chromosome homology.

6. Genetic analysis could be performed on haploid population to establish inheritance patterns.

7. Use of haploids in production of monosomics, nullisomics and other aneuploids. This approach has been used in tobacco for the isolation of nullisomics, trisomics.

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