Importance and Uses of Chrysanthemum

Importance and Uses of Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is among the more popular flowers grown in our country for its diversified beauty of colours, shapes, shades and keeping quality. It is highlv suitable for beds, pots and for floral arrangement. Its bloom last over a short period of 1 to 2 months. Hence, they command remunerative price in the market. On account of its good, keeping quality flowers can be transported to a distant market easily.

Chrysanthemum plant is not very attractive but it produces most showy flowers. Flowers of standard varieties are produced on long, sturdy stems and have a good keeping quality. These characters make it highly suitable for flower arrangements. Flower of spray varieties are highly suitable as loose flowers for making Garland, Veni and Gajara.

Now a days large number of varieties are available and natural blooming period of Novembefto December has been extended from September to December by just selecting suitable types and planting on different dates.

On account of its origin and commercial production in Asia it is called as, ‘Queen of East’ OR Glory of Eastand sometimes *Winter Queen* as the flowers are available during winter.

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