Importance of Rose

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Importance of Rose

Rose is called as the ‘Queen of Flowers’ as well as ‘King of Flowers’ This indicates that both kingliness (Magesty, Status and Power) and queenliness (Beauty, Grace and Cultural refinement) are its inherent qualities. No other flowers surpasses it for its beauty, colour and fragrance. This is the reason why it is considered as a universally favourite flowers. Without roses gardens are not considered as complete. Gardens exclusive for roses have been made in various parts of die world for showing die respect to this flower. Great diversity in the plant growth, colour of flowers, flower shape, fragrance, slow opening of flowers and good Keeping quality made roses to so popular that it is grown commercially to meet the demand of cut blooms. It is top ranking cut flower in the flower trade on the basis of acreage, production and consumption. In India roses are grown for cut flowers, making essential oil, rose water and Gulkand.

Besides this it is used for Veni and Garland. It can also be used for covering trellies, arbours, arches, for giving mass effect in beds or growing pots.

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