Importance of the Study of Rural Sociology

Importance of the Study of Rural Sociology

The importance of rural sociology can be evaluated properly when it realize the importance of rural society. Rural society presents a scientific picture of rural life. Villages are important because they are the springs to feed urban areas. The importance of rural sociology can be put under following heads.

Man has an urge to know human relationship and this can be satisfied through rural sociology.

a) Rural Population is in a Majority:

In almost all the Countries of the world majority or the world resides in villages in villages. It is more true that over 80% population of India resides in villages.

b) It Gives Complete Knowledge of Village Life:

Rural sociology gives us complete knowledge of village life. Village is the first unit of development in country. It is a centre of culture of any country.

c) Rural Reformation:

Rural reformation is the primary aim of rural sociology. In this context it helps in following works.

i) Organization:

Village unit which are dis-organized and can be organized through rural sociology. It improved in the co-ordination of various units and helps in bringing an improvement in economic, social and health conditions.

ii) Economic Betterment:

Through detailed study of village problems and observation rural sociology gives stress on the importance of increasing the quantity and quality of production. This results in to raising the standard of living.

iii) Provide Technology and Systematic Knowledge and reforms in Farm Production:

Main occupation of 80% population of village is agriculture. In order to improving this main occupation of rural people. The earlier researches in rural sociology was made in agricultural college.

iv) Solutions of Pathological Social Problems:

Rural sociology examines the social pathological problems and it suggests ways for the improving these problem.

v) Education:

The improvement t, the development of any community depends on its education. Rural sociology lays stress on education in rural problems.

vi) Planning for Development:

Rural sociology encourages the development of various plans for any rural development programme. The work must be carried out according to these plans for the progress in rural society.

d) Rural Sociology Development Relationships of Village with Industry.

e) Rural Sociology is Most Important in Agricultural Countries:

About 90% of world progress is based on agriculture. It is only in agricultural countries that people realize the importance of rural sociology. India is mainly agricultural country. For its all sided development the development of rural sociology is very important.

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