Important Definations I

Important Definations I

1. Drought:

Condition of soil moisture deficiency or water scarcity.

2. Drought Avoidance:

Ability of plants to maintain a favourable internal water balance under moisture stress.

3. Drought Hardening:

Improvement in drought tolerance ability of a genotype through various seed and seedling treatments.

4. Drought Resistance:

Ability of crop plants to grow, develop and reproduce normally under moisture deficit condition or survival of plants under water deficit conditions without injury. It is a sum of drought avoidance and drought tolerance.

5. Drought Tolerance:

Ability of plants to withstand low tissue water content.

6. Hydroponics:

Growing of plants in nutrient solution.

7. Lysimeter:

Cemented micro plots of various sizes used for study of roots and salt tolerance.

8. Porometers:

An instrument that is used for measuring stomatal aperture.

9. Psychrometer:

An instrument which is used to measure tissue water potential in plants.

10. Salts Tolerance:

Ability of plants to prevent, reduce or overcome the injurious effect of soluble salts present in the root zone.


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