Important Definition in Herbicides

Important Definition in Herbicides

1. Selective Herbicides:

The chemicals which kills or retards the growth of some plants with little or no injury to other plants.

2. Non-Selective Herbicides:

These chemicals are toxic to all the plants or kill all kinds of vegetation.

3. Contact Herbicides:

A herbicides which kills only those plants or retards the growth of those plants which comes in direct contact.

4. Translocated Herbicides:

The herbicides which are absorbed by the one part of the plants and exert a toxic action to other parts.
These are also known as systemic herbicides. These absorbed chemicals upset the plant growth and metabolic processes.
5.Soil Fumigants:

They usually function as a vapour or gas that diffuse through the soil and have relatively short life in the soil.

6. Soil Sterilants:

Any chemical which prevent the growth of green plants when present in the soil is considered as soil Sterilants.

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