Important Pests of Gram

Important Pests of Gram

a) Gram Pod Borer:


1. Initially the larvae bores into the buds and flowers results is shed ding of flowers.
2. With the formation of pods it bores into them and eat the developing seeds.
3. The larvae thrusts its head inside the pod and keeps the rest of body outside.
4.  Large sized holes are found on damaged pods.


The pest is effectively controlled by integrated pest management.

1. Deep ploughing after the harvest of kharif crop to expose the pupae.
2. Use of sex pheromone or light traps to monitor the pest population.
3. Hand picking and killing of larvae.
4. Spraying of 0.07% endosulfan or 0.04% monocrotophos or 0.01% cypermethrin at 10 days interval for two to three times.
5. Spraying of virus pathogen like NPV (Nuclear polyhedrosis virus) @ 250 L.E. (Larval equivalent)/ha. with adjuvants like 0.5% jiggery or 0.1% tinopal.
6. Spraying of 5% need seed kernel extract with 1% soap solution.

b) Gram Caterpillar:

N. D:

1. The caterpillar initially feeds on the leaves and later on buds, flowers and pods.
2. The larvae eat away the whole pod.
3. On movement if forms a loop near the centre of body hence called as semi looper.

C. M:

1. Dusting of 10% carbaryl @ 15 kg/ha.
2. Spraying of 0.07% endosulfan or 0.04% monocrotophos at 15 day interval two to three times.

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