Important Problems of Coconut Cultivation

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Important Problems of Coconut Cultivation

Below are some of the important problems of coconut cultivation which adversely affect the yield to a large extent; The probably causes which-may be attributed to these maladies are:

1. Attack of Pests and Diseases:

The drop of buttons, immature nuts is due to infection of female flowers by fungus PhytopHthorq spp. Shedding of buttons was found to be largely due to the attack of moth, beetle and rats.

2. Nutritional Deficiency:

Nutritional deficiency in soil in responsible for- shedding of buttons. Fertilizers application increases the production of female flowers rather than by reduction in shedding of buttons.

3. Unfavourable Soil and Climatic Conditions:

Button shedding occurs due to deficit of moisture as due to excess wetting. According to Pate] (1938), the shedding of buttons was very high during August/September and slightly lower during other months, shedding of buttons is more severe on heavy soils thari on lighter soils.

4. Defective Pollination and Fertilization:

Imperfect pollination or lack of pollination is considered to be important factor of button shedding. Artificial pollination did not minimise shedding.

5. Formation of Absdission Layer

As the increase in shodding of buttons follwed a period a period of drought, it was felt that formulation of adbscission layer at the place of attachment to stalk end.

To check or minimize the button shedding m coconut spraying of 2,4-D at 60 ppm concentration at weekly interval on female flowers after fertilization for a month proved very useful and resulted, in. more than double the setting of buttons as compared to that of the untreated infloroscence and incressed the yield of nuts.

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