Important Terms used in Biological Control of Crop Pests – I

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Important Terms used in Biological Control of Crop Pests – I

Accretive Release:

A method of periodic introduction of biotic agents in which annual early season liberations against fairly abundant pest populations allow the beneficial organism population to increase naturally in response to rising pest densities as the season progresses.


The modified and simplified system of plants, animals and habitat used for human agricultural purposes.


According to Painter (1951), it refers preventative, injurious or destructive effects on the insect life history which result from the insect’s use of a resistant host variety or species for food.


A natural synthetic chemical substance which acts either to inhibit the stimulation of gustatory receptors which normally recognize suitable food, or to stimulate receptors which elicit a negative response to deterrent chemicals.


A facultative type of parthogenetic reproductive in which only male progeny are produced.


It is the process which involves to improve the effectiveness of natural enemies  by manipulating either mass production, periodic colonization or by genetic improvement.

Autodial Control:

The use of an insect species against itself, usually through, some means of genetic modification, to suppress or eradicate its natural population.


A special type of hyper parasitism in which the female develops as primary parasitoid, but the male is a secondary parasitoid through females of its own species.

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