Important Terms used in Biological Control of Crop Pests – V

Important Terms used in Biological Control of Crop Pests – V

Life Table:

A device for expressing in an orderly fashion, observations on the changing density of an insect population in time and space and the processes which direct those changes, especially in relation to the age-specific distribution of mortality and its causes.

Microbial Insecticide:

A pathogenic microorganism or its products (e.g. toxins) when used by man to suppress an insect population.

Microbial Pathogen:

A microorganism which causes disease in its host; more specifically, a term used in preference to microbial “insecticide” to denote a microorganism used by man to suppress insect pest population.


The cultivation of a single crop species over large areas without provision for diversity or use of the land in any other way.


The term restricted to the use of only one plant or animal species as host or prey.


Describes a species which requires only a single host species on which it successfully complete its annual life cycle.


A condition resulting from the simultaneous use of a single host individual by two or more species of primary parasitoids.


Having two or more complete generations annually.

Natural Control:

The process of dynamic equilibrium which maintains the characteristic mean density of a wild population within particular upper and lower limits, over a period of time, by a complex combination of all the additive conditioning, and subtractive processes striking that wild population.

Natural Enemies:

Strictly, the parasitoids, predators, and pathogenic microorganisms associated naturally with a specific wild population of plants or animals, and causing mortality or debility to the individual thereof; often used in a general sense for all parasitoids, predators, and pathogens.

Obligate Parasitism:

Here in reference to nematodes which must develop parasitically and cannot reproduce and complete growth away from.

Obligate Pathogen:

A disease causing microorganism which requires a living host to grow and reproduce.

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