Improved Varieties of Chilli or Capsicum

Improved Varieties of Chilli or Capsicum

Improved varieties: N.P. 46, JwaJa, G-3, CA-960, Pant C-t X – 235, AKC – 79-18, Parbhani Tejas. Local: Achalpuri, Bhavapuri, Vashirn, Malkapuri.

Chilli: (Capsicum annuum)

1. Agnirekha:

It is a derivative of the cross Dondaicha x Iwala Released for green fruits by MPKV, Rahuri in 1992, for summer season. Further it is also recommended for cultivation by Project Directorate of Vegetable Research in 1996 for Zone VII. Plants tall and spreading, fruits long, bold, smooth and light green in colour. Duration is 180 days. Average yield of green" fruit is 250 quintals per hectare. Average yield of dry chilli is 27 quintals per hectare. (MPKV, Rahuri).

2. Musahvadi:

Developed by selection from local collection of village Musahvadi, Dist. Ahmednagar (M.S.). It is released in 1988 by MPKV, Rahuri and also by the Central Sub Committee on Crop Standards, Notification and Varietal Release for Zones IV, V, VII and VIII in 1987 at the national level. Plants are tall, spreading habit with dark green foliage. Fruits are smooth and medium long. Mature fruits dark green with black patches, ripe fruits dark red with retentive colour. Duration is 180 days. It is tolerant to die back and wilt diseases. Average yield of red dry chilli fruits is 19 quintals per hectare. (MPKV, Rahuri).

3. Phule Jyoti:

It is released in 1995 for kharif season. Plants are tall with spreading and branching habit from ground level. Leaves broad and dark green in colour. Fruits are smooth, medium long, borne in cluster of 5-6 with pendent habit. It is tolerant to thrips, mites and wilt. Average yield of green fruits 250 quintals per hectare and that of red dry fruits is 24 quintals per hectare. (MPKV, Rahuri).

4. Pbiile Sai:

Developed by selection from the cross Pani C-l x Kamandalow. It has high yield potential under rain fed conditions.   It retains the colour in storage for 6-7 months. It is moderately resistant to thrips and anthracnose (MPKV Rahuri). %. Phule.

5. Suryamukhi:

It is released in 1996. Plants tall, spreading and branching habit from ground level, leaves broad and dark green. Fruits smooth, medium long, borne in cluster of 5-6 and upright erect. It is tolerant to thrips and wilt. Average yield of green fruits is 190 quintals per hectare and yield of red dry fruits is 22 quintals per hectare. (MPKV, Rahuri).

6. Phule Mukta:

It is developed by employing pure line selection and released by MPKV Rahuri. It has dark green foliage, plants tall and medium spreading. Fruits are small, dark green and smooth. Ripe fruits are dark red in colour. Duration is 210 days. Resistant to powdery mildew and Fusarium wilt. It is tolerant to leaf curl, thrips and mites and resistant to lodging, suitable for both the kharif and summer seasons. Average yield of dry chilli is 23 quintals per hectare. MPKV, Rahuri).

7. Surkta:

Surkta has been released for Vidarbha region both for the rain fed conditions of kharif season. It produces bright deep red fruits. Fruits are very hot in taste.  It gives about 35 per cent higher fruit yield compared to variety CA-960. Yield of red ripe fruits is 68 quintals per hectare. (PDKV, Akola)

8 Jayanti:

It is notified during the year 1996-97. It has been released for Vidarbha and at the national level under irrigated conditions. Plants are medium to tall in height with light green foliage. Fruits are medium to long in length (9-10 cm) with notch on l/3rf portion from the tip of the frill. Fruits are pale green, white — green and turn red on ripening. Yield of red ripe chilli is 18-20 quintals per hectare. (PDKV, Akola)

9. Parbhani Tejas:

It is released in 1992 for Marathwada region for rain fed as well as irrigated conditions for green as well as red dry fruit production. It has pungency, fruits are longer (maximum 22 cm). Yield of dry red fruit is 18 quintals per hectare. Average yield on 20 farmers’ field has been found 11.56 quintals per hectare as compared to 7.63 in case of NP-46.  (MAU, Parbhani)

10. Kankan Kirti:

Plants are dwarf with 50-60 cm height and dark green leaves. Dark green fruits turn red when mature, mild pungent. It yields 12-14 tones per hectare of green chilli. Fruits are dark green, lustrous, good keeping quality and good export potential. (BSKKV, Dapoli)

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