Indian Work on Biological Control

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Indian Work on Biological Control

In India attempts on biological control were made but could not be narrated systematically. In 1928, the important of Vedalia beetle from Australia to India was undertaken for the control of cottony cushion scale by using method of Riley (in Southern India). In addition wooly aphid has been controlled in the Western Himalayas by the introduction of its parasite. Aphelinus mali H. from USA and subsequently from Canada and S. Africa. Likewise the American strain of Prosptella permiciosis. Tower was imported in 1958 and was successfully released in the western Himalayas for the control of San Joescale, Aspidiorus perniciasus. Subsequently the Russian strain was also introduced and it gave even better results.

It has been reported that eggs of Scirpophaga novella areparasitized by Telenomus sp. up to 90% in Tamil Nadu. Trichogramma chilonis has been successfully established in Tamil Nadu and it was released @ 1, 25,000 adults per hectare in 2-3 split releases.

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