Insect Orders: Thysanoptera

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Insect Orders: Thysanoptera

Thysanoptera (Physapoda) Thysanos : a fringe, pteron-wing also termed as e.g. Thrips.

Economic Importance: Fringed winged insects, majority are crop pests some of them act as vectors of bacterial/fungal/viral plant diseases.


1. Small or minute slender bodied insects.
2. Antennae short 6 to 10 segmented.
3. Mouth parts asymmetrical rasping and sucking with maxillary and labial palps. Right mandible absent. Left mandible and maxillae modified into stylets.
4. Prothorax free and well developed.
5. Tarsi 1 or 2 segmented, each with a terminal protrusible vesicle (hence the name “Physapoda”).
6. Wings when present very narrow with greatly reduced venation and long marginal setae.
7. Cerci absent.
8. Metamorphosis accompanied by inactive pupa like instars.

The order has been classified into two sub-orders:

I) Sub-order: Tubulifera:


Ovipositor absent 10th abdominal segment usually tubular wings without microtrichia, veins absent or with one vestigial vein.
Family Phlaeothripidae, Olive thrips

II) Sub-order – Torebrantia:


Ovipositor saw like apex of abdomen conical in female and bluntly rounded in male, wings usually covered with microtrichia fore wings with at least one longitudinal vein reaching to apex.

Family: Thripidae – e.g. Onion thrips

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