Insect Pest Control in Brinjal Cultivation

Insect Pest Control in Brinjal Cultivation

Insect Pests of Brinjal:

1) Brinjal Fruit and Shoot Borer:

It is one of the major and serious insect pests of brinjal. A short pinkish caterpillar bores into the terminal shoot and eats internal tissue; it bores into the young fruit through the calyx .leaving on visible sings of infestation. The large holes asually seen on the fruits are the exist holes of caterpillar. The insect affected fruits becomes unfit for consumption.

Control Measures:

i) The insect affected part should be clipped along with insect and destroyed any fruit with holes should be picked and destroyed.

ii) The affected crops should be sprayed with phosphamidon (demicron-100 EC) @.0.5 ml or diochlorovos (Sumthion-50 Ecfolilhion-50 ECc) @1 ml per litter of water at fortnightly interval or spraying with carbaryl 0.20% or Monocrotophos 0.05%

2) Brinjal Stem Borer:

A pale white caterpillar bore into the stem and kills the plant Control measures: Same as for brinjal fruit and shoot borer.

3) Leaf Eating Beetle:

 The beetle and grab feed on the leaves and other tender parts leading to a considerable reduction in the .yield of the egg plant.

Control Measures:

i. Hand picking of egg and larval is the best method of, controlling this pest if infestation is only in few plants.

ii. This insect can effectively be controlled by spraying crop with Endosulphan

(Thioden -35 EC) or Phentrothion (Sumithion-50 EC)@ 2 ml or Fenthion

(Lebacid-IOOO EC) or Thiomiton (Ekatin-25 EC )@ I ml per litre of water.

4) Nematode:

The nature of damage and control measures of nematode is same as for potato nematode. The egg plants are also affected by mite, Jassids, Aphids and Mealy bug. They suck the sap from the leaves and in severe cases the whole plantation looks yellowish and leaves drop down prematurely. These insects except mites can effectively be controlled by spraying the crops with Methyl parathion (Metacid 50 EC) or Oxidemiton methyl (Metassystox 25 EV) @ 1 ml or Malathion-50 EC @ 2ml per litter of water at fortnightly. Interval, The mites can be controlled by spraying the crop with Dicophol (KeIthane-18.5EC ) @ 2 ml or Morocite-40 EV @ 1 rnl per litter of water.

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