Insect Pests Management in Green Vegetables

Insect Pests Management in Green Vegetables

1. Aphids:

They are very small insect pests found generally in groups on tender shoots and leaves of plant. They suck up the cell sap and make them poor in growth.

Control Measures:

i) Spray 40 % commercial Nicotine Sulphate ( 1 to 800 parts of water ) about 80 – 100 gallons will needed of this chemical for spraying in an hectare.
ii) Spray Pyrethrum 80 – 100 gallons per hectare (after diluting 1 part of it in 1000 parts of water).

2. The Painted Bug:

The painted bug and flea beetle attack scars on plants the former is a sucking insect white the latter makes holes in leaves. The bug can be controlled by 5 % or 0.5 %, rotenone dust. The beetle succumbs to a spray of lead Arsenate ( ½ kg /500 liter of water ) or 0.25 % DDT spray.

3. Laphygma Exigua:

Its caterpillar attack is a host range covering almost all leafy vegetables, and the caterpillar of Plusia orichalora attacks fenugreek, Palak and a few other kinds.

4. Brassica:

The Brassica are subjected to the attack of large larvae of mustard sawfly, particularly early in the season. The larvae feed on leaves by cutting small holes and ultimately skeletons the plants.

Control Measures:

I) Pick the larvae of sawfly and destroy it.

ii) Spray with Pyrethrum extract 1: 800.

iii) For the caterpillar of the pests described above 0.2 to 0.3 % Pyrethrum sust has been reported to be effective.

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