Insect Predators

Insect Predators

Definition of Insect Predators:

The predator is defined as “an animal which feeds upon other animals (prey) that are usually smaller and weaker than itself, frequently devouring them completely and rapidly” (Copple and Martins, 1977). A predator most often is required to suck but an attack more than one prey to reach maturity.

Distinguishing Characteristic of an Insect Predator:

1. Generally it consumes more than one host individual.

2. Most insect predators move around freely in both their immature and adult stages while searching for and feeding on their prey.

3. Though many of the predators are larger than their prey, in some instances adult parasitoids may act like insect predators by feeding on and killing the host.

4. Predatory insects feed on all host stages, egg, larval or nymphal, pupal and adult.

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