Integrated Rural Development Approach

Integrated Rural Development Approach

The integrated development approach emphasis is the need of coordinating different agencies under a single management system of essential components (including education) required to get agricultural or rural development moving. The management system may be highly authoritarian credit may be designed to provide an important role for local people in planning, decision making and implementation of the programmers. The main emphasis is on rational development and coordination of all principal factors required for agricultural and rural development. The community development for agricultural India could not achieve the desired impact in increasing agricultural productions. As a solution to this situation the Intensive Agriculture District Programme (IADP) was launched in selected districts. The IADP used the integrated development approach in tackling the problem of rural development.


In this Programme there was more emphasis on the package approach. In ten points included in the programme were:

1. Adequate farm credit through strengthened cooperatives.

2. Adequate supplies of fertilizers pesticides, improved seeds, implements and other essential production needs through strengthened service cooperatives.

3. Price incentives to participating farmers through assured price agreements for rice, wheat and millet.

4. Marketing arrangements and services to enable farmers to obtain a full market price for their marketed surplus.

5. Intensive educational, technical and farm management assistance made available in every village.

6. Participation of all interested farmers in farm planning for increased production.

7. Village planning for increased production and village improvement programme by strengthening village organizations and leaderships.

8. A public works programme using local labour and development works contributing directly to increased production.

9. Analysis and evaluation of the programme from its inception and

10. Coordination of all essential resources for maximum speed and effectiveness.

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