Integrated Weed Management

Integrated Weed Management

Definition of Integrated Weed Management:

1) Integrated Weed Management (IWM) involves employment of different methods of weed prevention and control in right proportion and at appropriate time against the target weeds with minimum damage to the environment.

2) It is the suitable combination of preventive measures, mechanical, cultural, biological and chemical methods of weed control for minimizing the weed growth and population and maintain them below the level of economic injury to the crop with minimum damage to the environment or minimum environmental pollution.

Importance of Integrated Weed Management:

Weed can be controlled by adopting different methods however, each weed control methods has advantages and disadvantages or limitations. The continuous use of the same method leads to build up of tolerant weeds. Therefore, the suitable combination of different methods of weed control or integrated weed management (System Approach) should be practiced for minimizing the losses caused by weeds in different crops and also for protection of the environment.

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