Integrated Weed Management in Sugarcane

Integrated Weed Management in Sugarcane

i) Follow the preventive measures for minimizing introduction and further spread of weeds.

ii) Destroy the perennial weeds by digging such patches of weeds, collection and destruction of underground parts of weeds or by using translocated herbicides like Glyphosate.

iii) Land preparation at optimum soil moisture level: After first deep ploughing expose the fields to the heat of the sun for two weeks or more periods if possible for destroying perennial weeds. Carry out ploughing at optimum moisture level for avoiding formation of big clods, proper pulverization of soil and exposing under ground parts of weeds to heat of the sun. Collection of weeds and vegetative parts and their destruction is necessary.

iv) Maintain optimum plant population by using goof quality of seed and proper method of planting.

v) Follow the rotation of crops like cotton, soyabean, green gram, cow pea, sun hemp, dhaincha or groundnut, etc.

vi) Keep the water channel, bunds and surrounding area clean or free from weeds for avoiding spread of weeds in field as sugarcane remains in the field for more than one year. Adopt drip irrigation to minimize weed population.

vii) Use well decomposed FYM or compost for minimizing spread of weeds in the field. Bund application of fertilizer in optimum quantity and at proper time for stimulating crop growth and suppressing weeds.

viii) Adopt intercropping of suitable crop as per planting season.

Use of Herbicides and Mechanical Methods:

a) Atrazine or simazine @ 2 TO 2.5 kg a. i./ha as pre-emergence spray about 3to 4 days after planting in the plant cane and after completion of basis requirements of ratoon management about 3 to 4 days after giving irrigation in ratoon crop.

It required give one hand weeding after 30 to 40 days after planting depending upon weed intensity. Carry out light earthing up at 4 to 4.5 months after planting for suppressing late emerging weeds.

b) Adopt mulching of sugarcane trash in plant cane / ratoon to avoid the weed growth and save the cost on use of herbicides.

Whenever there is intercropping of sugarcane + vegetables like cabbage, okra, potato, oilseeds or pulse crops use Fluchloralin (Basaline) @ 1 to 1.5 kg a .i/ha as pre emergence spray. Give one weeding if required after one month and carry out final earthing up after harvest of intercrops.

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