Children as well as adults recognize differences among people in ability to meet situation in which habitual behavior of routine responses are inadequate. According their success or failure in everyday activity individuals are described as bright, quick, smart, dull, slow etc. The person who applies these terms to another is comparing his behavior with others.


Intelligence is a concept. It is difficult to define. Psychologists have defined the term intelligence in different way. The term is usually applied to those mental activities that constitute higher mantel processes.

A persons intelligence is evaluated in terms of overt behavior that reflects the Functioning of complex elements comprising mantel capacity. The another concept of intelligence is readiness to learn, ability to do abstract thinking and ability to adopt to novel stations with speed and accuracy. In the mental process it is said that it is a degree of effectiveness in perception, memory, reasoning and imagination. It is general capacity of an individual conscious to adjust his thinking to new requirements. Stoddard says, “Intelligence is the ability to undertake activities that are characterized by difficulty, complexity, abstractness, speed, adaptivenss to goal, social value innovativeness and to maintain such activities under conditions that demand a concentration of energy and resistance to emotional forces. Other says that, it is ability to adapt adequately to the environment, general tendency toward achievement. Some says that it is the mixture of particular abilities called as amplitudes.

Intelligent behavior is Classified into Three Kinds:

a) Social,

b) Mechanical,

c) Abstract.

a) Social Intelligence: Understanding of people and the ability to act wisely in human relationship.

b) Mechanical Intelligence: It means the skill in manipulation tools managing the working of machines.

c) Abstract Intelligence: It is the ability to handle symbols and ideas such as words, numbers, formulas and scientific principles.

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