Intensive Agricultural District Programme (I A D P)

Intensive Agricultural District Programme (I A D P)

It was felt that the increase in agriculture production under the community development programme was for less that necessary to feed the rapidly increasing population of this country.  To tackle this urgent problem the government in collaboration with Ford Foundation launched the intensive agricultural district programme (1960-61) which is popularly known as the package programme.  The significant feature of this programme is that the cooperative institutions have become the agency for distribution of credit and supply of agricultural inputs which were essential for implementing the programme.
The district selected throughout the country under this programme are pali, thanjavur, West-Godavari, Shahabad, Raipur, Aligarh, Ludhiana, Aleppey, palght, Mandga, Surat, Sambalpur, Bardwan, Bhandeva and Cochar.


1. To increase the income of the cultivator and his family.
2. To increase the economic resources and potential of the village.
3. To create employment facilities.
4. To demonstrate the most effective ways of expansion of the national food production technology by co-operative efforts between officials and not-officials, villagers and individual cultivators.

The following points were kept as the minimum criteria for selection of the district for IADP:
a) Districts have adequate supply of water.
b) Should have minimum natural hazards.
c) They have well developed village industry.
d) They have maximum potential to increase agricultural and animal production.

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