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It is the world’s largest network of computers, and people share the information resources on this network. There are a large number of services provided by Internet.

1) E-mail:

E-mail is one such service. Message can be sent to any persons, having an E-mail address, anywhere in the world.

2) WWW:

World Wide Web is a large database which spans the globe. Any ‘surfer’ can scan through this database. To navigate through this maze of information, there are popular software called ‘Navigator ‘or ‘Browser’. Netscape is one of the popular browsers.

3) Home Page:

Any individual, association, company can avail of this facility. It is actually a document prepared using a special programming language. This contains details about themselves. It can have text, pictures, graphs, etc. which can be associated by the surfers on the net.

4) Information Retrieval:

Large information like encyclopedia, text books, news, magazines, and entire newspaper can be found on the NET and one can read this information.

How to Access?

In India VSNL, and NIC, are the main Internet Service Provider (ISP) with the help of Department of Telecommunication. One needs a computer, a modem, telephone link and the internet accessing Software.

It is a paid service. One has to subscribe through membership. Charges are time based.

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