Introduction to Meteorology

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Introduction to Meteorology 

1.Aristotle [384-322B. C.] defined Meteorology as a study of lower atmosphere.
[Meteor- Lower atmosphere and logus- means science]

2. It is also defined as the science of atmosphere and its phenomena, especially those phenomena which we call collectively as weather and climate.

3. Meteorology  can be defined as the Science of atmosphere which  deals with  the physics,  chemistry  and dynamics of atmosphere and also their direct and indirect effects upon the earth surface, oceans and thereby Life in general 

Study of weather elements comes under Meteorology and this Science and with Animals Science also.


It is defined as a scientific study of climate. It discovers, describes, & interprets the climate on the basis of causes processes that generate them     or
Climatology is the science which studies average condition of weather or the state behavior of the atmosphere over a place or region for a long period of time.


1. According to Taylor 1936.  Ecology is the science of all relation of all organisms to all their environment.

2. According to 1957. Ecology concerned itself with the inter relationship of Living organisms and their environment.

3. In general ecology is a branch of biology that deals with the relation of living things to their surroundings.

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