Landscaping of Home

Landscaping of Home

The basic principles in landscaping plant types with reference to a home ground is briefly discussed below:
1. The landscape plan must taken into consideration at least four general uses of
a) The public areas, the frontage, is viewed from the street or by one approaching the front door. This area is put into limited use by the family. It is desirable to keep this land minimum in area. Lawn, trees to frame the house and son* shrubbery may be planted in this area.

b) Foundation area includes the small areas surrounding the- house. It is very important and this should receive much and early attention. This area may be assigned to plant attractive shrubs or herbaceous perennials.

c) The Utility or service area includes driveways, cloth yards,, a place for    garbage, Tennis court etc.
d) Outdoor living or private area is planned for privacy. It is usually away from the approach area. It may be located to either side of the house with screening accomplished by fence, shrubs or trees. It usually occupies a large area.
Home landscaping should primarily aim at providing shade. Home ground may be assigned judiciously for outdoor living, parking the vehicles, children play area, corner for growing sacred flowers and flowers for personal decorations and vegetable gardening.

2) Locating or arranging the plant material is the final step in developing the horizontal plan or blue print. The functions or purposes of plant materials include shade, screening, privacy, background, accent, framing, wind break and specimen plants.

Shade is obtained primarily from broad leaved evergreen trees in our country. The shape and ultimate size of trees for shade are important criteria of selection and placement.

Screening is frequently attained by effective use of shrubs, although vines on trellises and fences are also effective screening materials.

Privacy in the home grounds can be obtained from buildings, fences and plants. Back ground plantings generally consist of trees or shrubs along the back or distant and of the ground.  They give a feeling of depth and soften the harsh lines produced by man made structures. They add coolness to the surroundings during summer.

Accent points of the landscape are those which have some distinct features and should catch the eye immediately.

Framing plants are those which encircle the main point of interest, the house in a home plan The trees and shrubs on either side both in the back yard and fore ground form the framing view of the bouse.

Wind breaks are usually of tall growing trees with strong branches and are placed on the boundaries to reduce, wind velocity!

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