Maintenance and Cleaning of Sprayers

Maintenance and Cleaning of Sprayers

Maintenance of Sprayers:

a. Use of clean water only.
b. Use of the screen at the inlet spray.
c. Use of metal object for cleaning the nozzles.
d. Flush new sprayers before their use.
e. With Phenoxy herbicide use separate barrels of tanks if possible.
f. Clean each sprayer thoroughly after each period of use.

Cleaning of Sprayers:

It is necessary to remove all residues of herbicides completely after spraying is completed. It is essential for prevention of following:

a. Damage to crop plants subsequently sprayed with different herbicides.
b. Undesirable action between herbicide residue and new herbicide used.
c. Corrosion of sprayer parts.

Procedure for Cleaning of Sprayers:

1. Remove and clean all screens and boom extensions with kerosene and a small brush.
2. Mix one box of detergent with 30 gallons of water in tank. Circulate through by pass system or 30 minutes and the drain out.
3. Replace the screens and the boom extensions.
4. Fill the tank 1/3 rd to ½ with one part of hose hold ammonia to 49 parts of water. Circulate this mixture through the pump and nozzles. Let the remaining solution stand over night and then run it over through the nozzle.
5. Flush with two tanks full of clean waters spraying through the boom with the nozzle removed.

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