Male Reproductive System of Cockroach/Grasshopper

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Male Reproductive System of Cockroach/Grasshopper

Male Cockroach: Antennae are longer than body and third segment shorter than second. Mesosternum is partly divided and ninth sternum is visible. Abdomen is narrow and a seventh sternum undivided. A pair of anal styles (clasper) is present.

The Male Reproductive Organs:

i. Testes: They are a pair of faintly whitish gonads each is termed testis, which occupies dorsolateral abdominal segments. Each testis consists of 30-40 small rounded vesicles (sperm-tubes) the testicular follicles in three or four groups but arranged in a longitudinal series.

ii Vasa deferentia: These are a pair of ducts each is termed was deferens and arise from the testis as very thin whitish tubes, they continue posterioventrally beneath the rectum. They unite at a short distance into the ejaculatory duct.

iii. Vesicula seminalis: Spermatozoa on their way to ejaculatory duct are retained for sometime.

iv. Ejaculatory duct: It is a common duct, of vasa deferentia and leads backwards to the phallus.

v. Accessory glands: These are the glands associated with reproduction and comprises of the following:

viiMushroom gland (Utricular gland): It consists of numerous whitish tubules lying above the ejaculatory duct.

viii. Conglobate (phallic) Gland: It is a large elongate sac like structure lies beneath the mushroom gland and ejaculatory duct. It opens by the side of male gonopore. The secretion of accessory glands is mixed with the spermatozoa (or in some insects, it concerned with the formation of spermatophores).

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