Manuring and Irrigation for Tobacco Cultivation

Manuring and Irrigation for Tobacco Cultivation


1. 35 to 50 c.l. of FYM per hectare is added before last ploughing during preparation of land.
2. The recommended dose of fertilizer for tobacco in M. S. is – 44 kg N and 22 kg  P2O5/ha for bidi tobacco.
3. All the dose of fertilizer is applied before transplanting.


1. Generally tobacco is grown as rained crop in moderate rainfall areas.
2. In this case in adverse conditions one irrigations is given when crop is 40 days old.
3. In low rainfall areas one to two irrigations are given to obtain good yield.
4. The irrigation water should be free from chlorides or should not contain more than 50 ppm of chloride because chlorides adversely affect the burning quality of tobacco.

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