Marathandam Attempt

Marathandam Attempt

This project was started by Mr. Spencer Hatch, an American Agricultural Expert in Travancore State under the auspices of Y.M.C.A. in 1921.


1. To bring about completed upward development towards a more abundant life for rural people spiritually, mentally, physically, socially and economically.


1. Self help with intimate expert counsel working principles of the centre.

2. Agriculture.

3. Cottage Industries.

4. Community projects.

5. Bee Keeping.

7. Poultry Keeping etc.

Strong Points:

1. Special training of staff, their enthusiasm and sincerity was developed.

2. A comprehensive plan.

3. Started with the existing conditions.

4. Low cost.

Short Comings:

1. Lack of adequate funds.

2. Lack of Government banking.

3. Lack of continuous contacts with the villagers.

4. Religious standing of the institution.

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