Merits, Demerits and Achievements of Backcross Method of Breeding

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Merits, Demerits and Achievements of Backcross Method of Breeding

Merits of Backcross Methods:

1) The genotype of new variety is nearly identical with that of the recurrent parents.
2) It is not necessary to test the variety developed by this method, because the performance of recurrent parent is known.
3) It is not depend upon environment.
4) It is useful for developing disease resistance var generally interspecific gene transfer.
5) It is rapid, predicted and repeatable.
6) It is useful for removing some defects such as abnormality, disease resistant etc.

Demerits of Backcross:

1) New variety cannot be superior to the recurrent parent except foe the character transfer from donor parents.
2) Undesirable genes may also transferred to the new variety.
3) Hybridization has to be done for each backcross so time required is more.
4) Does not permit combination of genes from more than two parents.


Backcross method has been widely used for the development of disease resistant varieties in both self and cross pollinated crops.

Cotton: Gossypium herbaceum var. V-797, Digvijay, Vilalpa and Kalyan. Wheat- Kharchia 65, NP-853, NI-5439 etc.

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