Merits, Demerits and Achievements of Pedigree Method

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Merits, Demerits and Achievements of Pedigree Method

Merits of Pedigree Method:

1) This method gives maximum opportunity for breeder to use his skill and judgement for the selection of plants.
2) It is well suited for the improvement of characters, which can be easily identified and simply inherited.
3) Unpromising material is rejected in earlier generation hence only superior plants are promoted.
4) Homozygous is rapidly achieved.
5) Transgressive segregation for yield and other quantitative characters may be recovered.
6) It takes less time than the bulk method to develop a new variety.

Demerits of Pedigree Method:

1) This method is more time consuming, laborious and expensive for maintaining pedigree record.
2) Extra attention is required for selection among and within a large number of progenies.
3) The success of this method is largely depends upon the skill of the breeder.
4) Selection for yield in F2 and F3 is ineffective. If care is not taken to retain a sufficient no of progenies.

Achievements of Pedigree Method:

1) Wheat: NP-52, NP120, NP125, etc.
2) Rice: Jaya, and Padma (TN-1 X T-141)
3) Cotton: Laxmi (Gadag-1 X CC2)
4) Tomato: Pusa early dwarf (Meeruti X Red cloud)
5) Chickpea: T1, T2, T3, T5, Radhey.

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