Method of Planting of Lawn

Method of Planting of Lawn

The lawn can be prepared by any one of the following methods.

1. By Sowing Seeds:

The doob grass seed is very fine and is also light. The prepared soil should be raked to a depth of d2.5 to 3 cm. The area may be divided in equal plots of approx. 250-300 sq.m. This would ensure even sowing. The seed should be mixed width fine soil and broadcast at the rate of 400-500 gm. Per 200 s-m. The seed should be mixed din the soil and the soil may be rolled with a lightly roller. The seed should be covered with fine sifted soil. The area should be watered with a weather can having fine rose. The seeds would germinate in 3 to 4 weeks. The grass, when it attains a height of 4-5 cm. should be cut with garden shears.

2.  Dibbling:

Rooted or uprooted doob grass cuttings can be obtained from close cut lawn or from any other sources. These cuttings are dibbled when the soil is slightly moist. The dibbling may be done 8-9 cm apart, frequent watering should be done till the grass starts sprouting. The grass gets ready for first cutting in 5-6 weeks. This method takes about 4-5 months to establish a good lawn.

3. Turfing:

This method, though costly, is the quickest method. A piece of earth, about 5 cm thick, and having thick grass growing on it is called ‘TURF’. Small square process are dug ort and re-laid closely to cach other (like bricks in a wall ) in the land prepared for lawn. The points should be filled in with sandy soil. The tuff is made firm by pressing it with wooden hammer. The area should be watered copiously. This is the quickest method of establishing the lawn.

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