Methods Used for Determination of Organic Carbon

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Methods Used for Determination of Organic Carbon

1. Total Organic Carbon of Soil:

a. Dry combustion in furnance.
b. Chromic acid oxidation followed by measurement of CO2 evolved.

2. Oxidisable Soil Organic Matter Determination:

a. Chromic acid oxidation with heat applied or by.
b. Chromic acid oxidation with spontaneous heating.

3. Total Soil Organic Matter by Weight Loss:

a. Oxidation with H2O2.
b. Ignition at moderate temperature.
c. Ignition after decomposition of silicates with HF-HCL.

4. Other Estimates of Organic Matter:

a. With total nitrogen content: Multiplication of N by 20 roughly approximate organic matter content.
b. With climate
c. With clay content.

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