Micro – Nutrients

Micro – Nutrients

Apart from the major elements like N, P and K, micronutrients also play an important role in the growth of fruit plants. Of late, the micronutrient deficiency of one or the other elements has assumed a serious problem. The deficiency of these elements is exhibited by stunted growth or yellowing of leaves either completely or partially.

In Pomegranate alter fruit development, spraying of ferrous sulphate 0.4 %, Zinc sulphate 0.3 %, Magnesium sulphate 0.3 % and Borax 0.2 % has been found effective. Two to three sprays at monthly interval arc necessary.

In Sweet orange, with the onset of new growth, spraying of zinc and manganese sulphates @ 0.5 % each and ferrous sulphate 0.3 % and 0.5 % urea has been found essential.

In Nagpur Santra, at the commencement of new vegetative flush, spraying of 0.5 % Zinc Sulphate, 0.4 % each of Manganese sulphate and Ferrous sulphate^ 0.2 % each Copper sulphate and Boric acid is found useful.

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