Morphology and Classification of Dahilas

Morphology and Classification of Dahilas

Dahilas are half hardy perennials with tuberose root.  Stems are mostly greet, branched, glabrous or Scabrous.  The leaves 1-3 pinnate, with slightly scrrated margin, are produced opposite at cach node on the stom.  They bear flowers on a long, stiff stems well above the folinage.

Below Given a Classification :

1. Single Flowered:

Flowers up to 10 cm across with only a single row petals.  Disc apparent.  Suitable for bedding purpose. e. g. Bambino, Little dorrit.

2.  Anemone Flowered:

Flowers with one or more rows of petals surrounding a dense group of long tubular disc florets.  e. g. Comet searlet comet and Guinca.

3.  Collerette:

Flowers with one row of normal petals and one or more rows of small petals.  Very good for flower arrangement c. g. Choh, sincerity and Thais.

4.  Paeony Flowered:

Flowers have 2 or more rows of generally flattened petals.  Disc apparent.  c. g. Bishop of Liandoff.
5.  Decorative:

Decorative dahlias have fully double flowers.  The petals are broad, more or leas flat or slightly twisty and way c. g. Alvas.

6. Ball:

Ball dahlias have fully double flowers.  They are ball shaped.  Petals are blunt or rounded at the tips.  c. g. Riska miner.

7. Pompon:

Pampon dehlias have fully double blooms, globular in appearance, like table tannis balls.  c. g. Diana Gregory, Honey Comb.

8. Cactus:

Cactus dahilias have fully double flowers.  Outer petals are nattow.  e. g. Easwwod snow.

9.  Semi Cactus:

Semi cactus dahlias have fully double folwers.  Like decorative dahlias, the half base of the petals are broad and flat.  e. g. Super vantage.

10.  Miscellaneous:

This group consists of dahlin cultivars which do not fall into any of the a bove groups.  e. g. Pink giraffe, Golden star.

11.  Fimbriated :
Flowers fully double.  Petals fimbriated form the tips.  e. g. Frilly Dilly.

12.  Water Loly:

The blooms are fully double.  Outer detals  are broad and slightly cupped with rounded ends.  e. g. Porcclain, Joscot Lyn.

13.  Star Flowered:

Small cupid-shaped flowers having 2-3 rows of pointed potals which overlap very slightly e. g White  Star .

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