National Agriculture Technology Project (N A T P)

National Agriculture Technology Project (N A T P)

This project was launched by the ICAR on June 30, 1998, with the support of the World Bank to strengthen and complement the existing resources and to argument the output National Agricultural Research System (NARS).


The major objective of this component is

1)  To accelerate the flow of technology form research, and extension to farmer.
2) Improve the dissemination of location specific and sustainability enhancing technologies.
3)  Decentralize technical and decision making authority to the district level.
4)  Create a more effective and financially sustainable public extension system.
5)  Step up the privatization of certain technology transfer activities.


Salient Features:

  • Pilot testing new institutional arrangements for technology dissemination at the district level and below through establishment of district Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA).
  • Moving towards integrated extension delivery.
  • Bottom up planning procedures for setting the Research Extension agendas.
  • Addressing gender concern in agriculture and
  • Increasing use of information technology for effective dissemination.
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