Nature of Rural Sociology

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Nature of Rural Sociology

There is a controversy whether the sociology can be regards as science with his own subject matter. Science may be defined as body of systematized knowledge or synthesized body of knowledge. In the collection of facts for any knowledge, when we apply a scientific method it is called as a science. Science goes with the method and not with the subject matter. Scientific method consists of systematic observation, classification and interpretation of data. It is believed that rural sociology employs the scientific method. The nature of rural sociology as a science can determine on the basis of following facts:

1. Use of Scientific Method: It is uniform fact that rural sociology employs the scientific method. Almost all the methods of scientific study viz. observations, interview schedule, questionnaire method, case study, statistical methods etc. are employed in the study of rural sociology. In the absence of scientific approach the village problems can not be studied. On such studies we formulate generalized principles and laws on which we forecast future trends.

2. Factual Study: It studies the social events, social relationship and process in a factual manner. It also studies and analyzes the facts and the underlying general principles and theories.

3. Discovery of Cause and Effect: Rural sociology formulates its theories and laws on the basis of cause and effect relationship.

4. Universal Laws: The laws formulated by rural sociology are universal in nature. Because under normal or similar condition they prove to be correct and produce the same result.

5. Predictions: Since the laws formulated by rural sociology by rural sociology are based on cause and effect relationship. It is possible to predict the result.

On the basis of conditions enumerated above, it is said that rural sociology is by nature a science. However, there are some factors which limits the scientific sociology is by nature a scientific nature of the subject.

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