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News Stories

What is News?

News is any timely information, which is collected from North, East, West and South direction, which interest a number of persons. The best news is that which has greatest interest for the number of people.

News Story:

A news story is an account of events in sequence. It is used mainly to get information to many people quickly.

Sources of News:

 Some of the sources of news material are results of demonstration, review of research publication, accomplishment of farmers, account meeting etc.

Kinds of News:

Extension news stories tend to group themselves into one or more of the following categories.
1. Advance event articles
2. Follow- up event articles
3. Information articles
4. Feature articles
5. Experience and success stories.
6. New developments
7. Predictions
8. Subject matter

Writing the Story:

While writing follow these rules.
1. Use five ‘W’ and one ‘H’ as the guide i.e. to answer who, what, why, when, Where and how.
2. Easy to understand.
3. In the language of the village people who are reading the story.
4. Accurate in all details.
5. In short sentences and paragraph.
6. Write the lead sentence.
7. Avoid using your personal opinion.
8. Use A.B.C of new stories i.e. accuracy, brevity and clarity for writing.

News Structure:

a) Head:
it is capsule opening center at the top of news. Heading must summaries the entire news, which arouses interest. It should be brief, clear and stimulating. Effective words should be used to make it meaningful and catchy.

B. Lead:
The lead is the opening part of news story or the introduction of the story. It is condensed news. Which gives abstract of entire information.
Most of the news leads falls into following two major forms.

1. Inverted Pyramid (Summary) Lead:

The name is self explanatory because a lead written in this forms summarizes its story. A summary lead is expended to answer as may as possible of the six questions: Who? When? Where? Why? And How?

2. Upright Pyramid (Suspended interest)Lead:

Placing the real climax or features of a story somewhere other than in the lead is effective and exciting in what is known as the suspended interest story. Often the climax in a story is in the final paragraph.

3. Body:

It gibes details information about the event. It should be made simple, clear and easy to read.

Guidelines for Making a News Copy:

1. Always use white standard size paper (8 ½ X 11 inches)
2. Always type in double space.
3. Leave 3 to 4 inch margin at the top of your first page write your name and address at the upper leaf hand corner. Leave margin approximately one inch wide at the sides and bottom of the page.
4. If you include a headline, type it at the top copy on your first page, but still leave the three inch top margin.
5. Type in bold letter ‘News for publication.’
6. if your story requires more than one page, write: more: or “continued” at the bottom of your first sheet and bottom of all following pages.
7. Use standard proof reading symbols for showing correction.
8. Write the editor’s address.
9. It is best to deliver or mail copy flat; because that is the way it must be handled. But newspaper will not object too much if you mail your copy folded in thirds from bottom to top. Folding your copy more than this will make it too difficult to handle when unfolded.

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