Nomenclature: Binomial System of Nomenclature, Rules of Nomenclature

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Nomenclature: Binomial System of Nomenclature, Rules of Nomenclature


Taxonomy is the science that deals with the identification nomenclature and classification of organisms.


It is the system of assigning names to the taxonomic groups or organism according to international rules.


It is scientific study of organisms with the ultimate object of characterizing and arranging them in an orderly manner.

By Binomial system of nomenclature was developed by Carlous Von Linnaeus which is now universally used. As per the binomial system the name of organism is composed of two words. i.e. the first word a noun indicating the name of genus in which bacterium has been grouped and the second word is and adjective indicating the name of species. E.g. Erwinia coli, in which Erwinia is the genus and coli is the species.

Rules of Nomenclature:

Following rules should be observed while righting of binomial.

1. The name of the genus should always be capitalized.

2. Species name should not be capitalized.

3. Binomial when written should always be underlined separately; when printed italicized.

4. The name or abbreviated name of the scientist describing the species for first time should be written after binomial. E. g. Pseudomonas syringae Val Hall.

5. If the name is revised, the name of the original describer should be written in bracket followed by the name of the revising scientist. E.g. Xanthomonas compestris pv Oryzae Dye.

6. To avoid confusion the same binomial should not be used to name two different species.

7. The year in which organism was described should be written after the name of the author or scientist.

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