Objectives of Community Development Programme

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Objectives of Community Development Programme

The community development programme has for its objectives economic development, social change and democratic growth.  These three objectives are to be promoted jointly and in such a manner that they support one another.  In India, the objective behind the community development programme is to develop the resources of the people and to assist each village in planning and carrying out the integrated agricultural production.  Like this, the major objectives of this project are:

  1. To change the outlook of all village people.
  2. To improve existing village crafts and industries and organizing new ones, providing minimum essential health services and improving health practices.
  3. Providing required educational facilities for children and adults as well as recreational facilities.
  4. Improving housing and family living conditions of villagers.
  5. To develop a responsive village leadership, village organization and institutions.
  6. To develop village people so that they become self reliant and responsible citizens.
  7. To help people that they can increase their income and quality of life.
  8. Organizing or arranging trainings for voluntary local leaders like members of panchayats, village and block advisory committees etc.  and professional community development workers like village level workers, extension officers, block development officers.

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