Objectives of Extension Education

Objectives of Extension Education


1. To raise the standard of living of the rural people by helping them in right use of their resources.

2. To help in planning and implementing the family and village plans for increasing production in various occupations.

3. To provide facilities for better family living.

Specific Objectives:

1. To provide knowledge and help for better management of farms and increase income.

2. To encourage the farmers to grow his own food, eat well and live well.

3. To promote better social, natural, recreational, intellectual and spiritual life among the people.

4. To help rural families in better appreciation of SWOT in their village.

5. To open new opportunities for developing talents and leadership of rural people.

6. To build rural citizens who are:

i) Proud of their occupation.

ii) Independent in thinking.

iii) Constructive in outlook.

iv) Capable, efficient and self-reliant in character.

v) Having love of home and country in their heart.

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