Other Agroforestry System

Other Agroforestry System

In which following systems are included,

a) Horti-pastoral System:

 Cultivation of Horticultural crops plus pastures.

b) Agri-Horti-Pastoral System:

In this system, in the marginal lands the fruit crops like Mango, Ber, Anona, Jamun, Tamrind, Wood apple etc. are taken along with forest trees and the food grains like, Peas, Gram, Wheat, Rice, Vegetables are taken.

c) Apiculture with Trees:

 In this system, the flowering trees like Kanchan Jacaranda Spathodia, Erythrina, Krate sawar, Palas are planted for producing the honey in addition to Jamun, Mahuha, Ecualyptus like trees are also planted for honey collection.

d) Aqua Forestry:

Plants grown on the boundary around fish ponds like Casuriana, Coconut, Arecanut, Kokum, Babhul, Bamboo, etc.

e) Multipurpose Wood Lots:

 The specific multipurpose trees are grown mixed or separately on the farm like Australin babhul, Euclayputs, Subabhul, Bakan, Bamboo etc.

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